The Hellinikon

The Ellinikon

Location Athens, Greece

Client LAMDA Development

Services Construction Management, Program Management, Project Management

Project Value $9.5 billion

Hill is providing project management consulting (PMC), construction management, and construction supervision services for multiple projects associated with the Ellinikon, Europe’s greatest waterfront urban regeneration program. The Ellinikon is located 8 km southwest of Athens’ city center and comprises an area of approximately 6.2 million SM—three times the size of Monaco. The site enjoys a 3.5 km waterfront along the Athenian coastline as well as a marina.

Inspired by LAMDA Development and master planned by internationally acclaimed design firm Foster & Partners, the Ellinikon is a megaproject with a total expected investment of more than $9.5 billion and work planned in phases over the next 15 years. LAMDA’s vision for the Ellinikon is to create a landmark destination for Athens that is anchored by a world-class park, fosters sustainability, enhances connectivity, and transforms the waterfront. Essentially, the Ellinikon will realize a new “city within a city,” and, once complete, will comprise a variety of facilities and building typologies, including residential, hospitality, cultural, educational, healthcare, commercial, and more. The heart of the Ellinikon will be the 2 million SM Metropolitan Park, rivalling London’s Hyde Park and New York City’s Central Park in size, beauty, and functionality. Metropolitan Park will connect the seafront with Mount Hymettus through fixed-track transport, providing direct access to the park and to the seafront from all over the Attica basin.

The Hill team is supporting both of the Ellinikon’s two major components: the Landscape & Infrastructure Program and the Buildings Program.

The Landscape & Infrastructure Program involves the construction of a new 15-km road network, a 450-meter flyover bridge, a utility network, tram service line realignment, wastewater management plants, the development of the Metropolitan Park and other open areas, 50 km of pedestrian and bicycle paths, marine works, the creation of a 1-km public beach, and more. The Hill PMC team will provide design management and review, schedule management, cost consulting and management, contracts and claims management, change management, construction management and supervision, handover and closeout services, and more as required by LAMDA. Given the scope and location of the development, resiliency against climate change and rising sea levels is key to overall program success. Accordingly, the Hill PMC team will help ensure compliance of construction with all applicable resiliency regulations and standards, including elevations and floodwalls, and confirm plantings and other landscape features can support intended resiliency functions. In addition, Hill will help LAMDA coordinate with the program’s numerous stakeholders and concurrent adjoining developments to facilitate overall program success.

The Buildings Program comprises a large number of sustainable buildings with multiple functions, including residential developments, hospitality developments, mixed-use developments, commercial developments, and more. Specific projects include:

  • The Riviera Tower: Located on the coastal front of Agios Kosmas, the 200-meter-tall Riviera Tower is Greece’s first residential skyscraper. The 50-floor tower will include more than 170 high-end apartments, featuring a variety of amenities, smart-building features, and stunning views of Greece’s capital and the Aegean Sea. LAMDA also envisions the tower as one of the greenest high-rise buildings in the world and a model for sustainable design. The project is expected to meet the requirements for LEED Platinum certification.
  • The Mixed-Use Tower: This tower is the second of six landmark high-rise buildings within the Ellinikon. More than 150 meters in height, the 55,000-SM facility will serve as a hotel and provide branded residential housing. The smart facility will interface with the Vouliagmenis Mall Complex, the largest shopping center in Greece. The Mixed-Use Tower is also expected to meet the requirements for LEED Platinum certification.
  • The PwD Building: This 11,500-SM facility will provide a variety of social services for persons with disabilities (PwD).
  • The Ellinikon Sports Facilities: The Ellinikon will boast state-of-the-art sports facilities, including tennis and padel tennis courts, an aquatics center, a recovery center, athletic tracks, a basketball academy with indoor and outdoor basketball courts, football/soccer pitches, and a domed playing field.
  • Little Athens: The largest residential development in Greece, Little Athens will feature more than 1,000 high-end apartments in multiple smart buildings. LAMDA envisions a vibrant neighborhood that interfaces with the rest of the Ellinikon development and features a variety of shops, dining options, and wellbeing facilities.
  • The Cove Residences: Located near the Ellinikon’s beachfront, the Cove Residences will consist of 21 condominiums accommodating 115 apartments and feature the latest in high-end amenities.

For the Rivera Tower project, Hill will provide construction supervision services, monitoring construction activities and confirming their compliance with LAMDA’s expectations, Foster & Partners’ design, and all best practices for construction safety. For the other Buildings Program projects, Hill will provide a full suite of PMC services from pre-construction planning through design, construction, and handover.

Image credit: Foster & Partners, Lamda Development