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Philips Electronics North America Corporation Multiple Projects

Location Western Pennsylvania

Client Philips Electronics North America Corporation

Services Project Management

Project Value N/A

Since 2017, Hill has provided project management services to the Philips Electronics North America Corporation on multiple building projects throughout Western Pennsylvania. Hill’s project management team has leveraged proven cost and schedule controls and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) measures to deliver Philips’ projects efficiently and as envisioned. Specific projects include:

Digital Hub: Philips undertook a 13,500 SF fit-out of an existing facility to deliver a state-of-the-art, collaborative work environment in Oakland—a hub for the medical industry and higher education in Pittsburgh, PA. The fit-out facility, known as the Digital Hub, serves as a flagship location for select Philips’ departments, helping spur innovation, attract and retain talent, and promote collaboration with the many nearby universities. The Hub utilizes flexible seating in open work areas and provides more comfortable “team rooms” to facilitate collaboration and spontaneous interaction between departments. A variety of conference rooms and focus rooms make space for meetings and individual work. A generous pantry provides employee gathering space. The entire facility employs Philips’ brand design standards, including use of natural and supplemental lighting to deliver a bright, well-lit environment.

Hill’s scope included a full suite of project management services. This encompassed assistance in determining programming needs and developing the schematic design; establishing a project schedule and budget; reviewing contractor bids and awarding the project; managing construction to maintain quality, budget, and schedule; and project close-out activities. Hill was also responsible for meeting reporting requirements and maintaining open communication with Philips’ representative.

In addition, Hill led discussions help the team identify critical temporary services and maintain ongoing operations at the facility. An important component of this process was the development of mechanical, electrical and plumbing diagramming—a more appropriate solution for temporary services and significantly less expensive than detailed engineering. Hill worked with Philips’ Business Unit and the design team to help assure the diagramming would deliver the required services and allow continued operations during the transition to new permanent equipment. By helping the team prepare this temporary solution prior to design, Hill saved Philips time and money, reduced the likelihood of changes in the field, and limited impacts to operations.

Ultimately, Hill’s presence on the project helped control costs and schedule and deliver Philips’ vision.

Reedsville Clean Room Addition: Philips undertook a multi-phase clean-room addition project at their facility in Reedsville, PA. The project helps Philips meet a growing need for ultrasound technology for use in emergencies, prenatal care, and other clinical situations, including the evaluation of cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems. The project involved expanding 5,000 SF of manufacturing space and adding 2,300 SF to a clean room. Work also included the addition of a 4,000 SF utility room and mezzanine to help relocate and consolidate plant mechanical equipment, providing space for new electrical and mechanical equipment.

As project manager, Hill provided project planning; coordination of design and construction reviews; commissioning and maintenance; schedule management, including all major design, procurement, construction and occupancy tasks; on-site representation during construction; generation of schematic and detailed estimates; establishment of administrative protocols and project controls using cloud-based technology; evaluation of bids and proposals for contractor and vendor selections; quality assurance; document control and request for information/submittal management; progress meetings and reporting, including field notes and photographs. In addition, Hill led stakeholder communications to expedite decisions, identify and track action items for project team members, and mitigate potential conflicts between trades and constructability issues.

The Pittsburgh Center of Excellence: Hill provided owner’s project management services for a 190,000 SF fit-out of an existing facility to deliver a state-of-the-art, collaborative work environment in Pittsburgh, PA: the Pittsburgh Center of Excellence. Part of Philips’ Workplace Innovation Program, the project created a flexible and empowering work environment that accommodates different work processes while encouraging interaction and knowledge sharing. The Pittsburgh Center of Excellence project achieved this by consolidating Philips’ current multiple-building arrangement east of the city into a common location within Pittsburgh’s technology corridor. The entire space employs Philips’ brand design standards, including use of natural and supplemental lighting to deliver a bright, well-lit environment, and is designed to attract and retain talent, foster innovation by enabling agile work interactions, and promote collaboration with local universities.

As owner’s project manager, Hill helped the project team plan and deliver Philips’ vision in an efficient manner. For example, Hill provided detailed construction cost estimates, bid package preparation, contract management, and bid negotiation services throughout the project. With these cost controls, Hill created value for Philips by flagging potential cost overruns and means/methods that did not serve the intent of the design. Additionally, Hill also worked with the contractor and subcontractors to identify constructability issues and other unclear aspects of the design. This enabled Hill is able to provide clarification to the design team and bidders prior to final pricing, resulting in more accurate estimates, fewer changes in the field, and a project that meets Philips’ quality expectations.

Due to the entire project team’s efforts, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association’s (NAIOP) Pittsburgh Chapter recognized the Pittsburgh Center of Excellence with Build-to-Suit Office Award in 2021.