Port of Piraeus Independent Engineer

Location Piraeus, Greece

Client PPA S.A. (OLP)

Services Advisory

Project Value €280 million

Hill is providing independent engineer’s services for the Port of Piraeus, located in Athens, Greece, on the Mediterranean Sea and covering an area of more than 5 million SM. Piraeus is the largest seaport in Greece and among the largest in Europe. In addition to being the center of communications for the Greek islands, it is also one of the busiest passenger ports in Europe. Situated close to international trade routes, the port is a vital international transportation hub of marine tourism and commercial carriage of goods linking the Mediterranean with Northern Europe, the Balkans, and Black Sea countries.

Hill’s services span the first CAPEX period, in accordance with the provisions of the L.4404/2016 Concession Agreement (HRCA’16) between the Hellenic Republic and the Piraeus Port Authority. Hill’s support includes review of the Master Plan and Port Development Plan for compliance with the requirements of HRCA’16 and the requirements of the enhancements; review and approval of the draft detailed engineering designs, helping ensure they comply with relevant laws, environmental terms, approved specifications, and applicable standards; review of the proposed draft tender documents and draft procurement documents; and supervision of the construction works to confirm compliance with approved designs, applicable standards, laws, and schedules. The team will also conduct on-site investigations to verify work complies with the approved design and monitor the delivery and acceptance of equipment and assets.