Port of Long Beach Pier B

Location Long Beach, CA

Client Port of Long Beach

Services Estimating & Cost Management, Program Management, Project Management

Project Value $1.7 billion

The Port of Long Beach, the second busiest port in the U.S., is modernizing its on-dock rail support infrastructure to reap more of the sustainable benefits of shipping goods by rail rather than truck. A double-stacked intermodal train can eliminate hundreds of truck trips, and trains are up to four times more fuel efficient. Ultimately, the project will enhance capacity, speed, and safety.

Key components of the project include realignment of the existing Pier B Street and Pico Avenue; closure of the Ninth Street grade crossing; expansion of the existing yard to 38 storage tracks; expansion of inbound-outbound staging tracks to accommodate up to 5, 10,000 LF trains; removal of the Shoemaker Bridge ramps and other streets between 9th Street and 12th Street; relocation of existing utilities; relocation of existing main-line tracks into the North Harbor area; and widening of the Dominguez Channel Bridge to accommodate an additional track.

Hill is supporting the management of the Pier B On-Dock Rail Support Facility program. The 14-year program, which the Port calls the “centerpiece” of its rail improvement program, will save approximately 750 truck trips between the Port and off-dock rail yards. 

The Hill team’s services include program management, project controls and real estate management, project coordination, master scheduling review, third-party coordination, reporting to the Port, risk management, constructability review, grant management, permitting support, contractor prequalification, quality assurance, cost engineering, utility, oil field and real estate relocation, and acquisition support.