COMPAS Terminal Expansion

Location Cartagena, Columbia

Client Compañia de Puertos Asociados SA (COMPAS)

Services Construction Management, Project Management

Project Value $160 million

Hill, in joint venture, is providing project management services to Compañía de Puertos Asociados SA (COMPAS) for the COMPAS Terminal Expansion project. The terminal, which will be operational during the project, is located on Cartagena Bay and is the second-busiest container port. The expansion will triple the terminal’s annual capacity and enable vessels up to 13,000 Triple-E type Containers (TEUs) to transit the Panama Canal after the widening is complete. 

COMPAS is a multipurpose port infrastructure network available for public use in Colombia, created by two of Colombia’s most successful corporate traditions: Grupo Argos and Southern Port Holding Inc. APM Terminals (APMT) is one of the world’s largest container terminal operating and management companies, with a global terminal network of over 200 integrated facilities in 58 countries and 5 continents. Cartagena Container Terminal Operator S.A.S. (CCTO) is a Colombian corporation owned by the joint venture of APM Terminals Espagna Holding, S.L. and COMPAS for the management, expansion and development of the multipurpose terminal. 

The expanded terminal will have a maximum annual capacity of 600,000 TEUs and 900,000 MT of general cargo. It will also have a 550 meter quay capable of handling post Panamax container vessels and a 220 meter quay for general cargo capable of receiving Panamax vessels. The new terminal will be multipurpose and will comply with APMT requirements. 

The expansion includes increasing the dredged depth to 14.5 meters (47.6 feet); installing new ship-to-shore cranes; dredging container berth pocket to 13 meters; upgrading and strengthening the 440 meters of existing container wharf; constructing an additional 110 meters of container wharf; developing an E-RTG operated container yard on existing land, including a reefer area; reclaiming 46,700 SM of land for container development; relocating and expanding terminal buildings; building new gates, including gates offices; constructing new substations and associated electrical network; and upgrading existing terminal services and adding new services.

Hill’s scope of services includes project management, procurement management, design review, project controls, construction supervision, contract management, health and safety management, and quality assurance/quality control. Due to the complexity of the project, the Hill team is also implementing detailed methodologies to mitigate risks and keep the project on time and within budget.

Given the dimensions of Panamax vessels, and, ultimately, post-Panamax vessels, and the challenges in accommodating them in Port, delivering the project while minimizing dock time while work is underway is critical. To make certain the expansion proceeds on schedule, the Hill team created a master schedule for the Port that slots work while accounting for the busiest periods of port activity.