Steilacoom Historical School District

Location Steilacoom, WA

Client Steilacoom Historical School District No. 1

Services Construction Management

Project Value $75 million

Hill provided pre-bond consultation services to assist the Steilacoom Historical School District in its
capital improvement program (CIP) bond campaign. Our services included bond committee meeting
coordination and facilitation, direct coordination with Seattle Securities NW Company (bonding
company), pre-bond estimates and program/project/construction scheduling coordination, assisting the
District in public forum/town hall presentations, webpage content, and public information marketing,
and coordination with the District’s state survey and study architectural team and the Office of
Superintendent of Public Instruction’s facilities regional coordinator. After passage of the capital
improvement bond in May 2005, the District selected Hill to provide program, project, and construction
management services for the anticipated six-year program. In addition, Hill provided predesign, design,
construction, occupancy, and document control services for the District.

The initial CIP budget was $73.3 million which included local (bond) and state-match dollars. Prudent
prebond, predesign, design, construction, and budget planning using Board, District staff, and building
team input resulted in the District receiving an additional $9.9 million of state-match funds and
approximately $2 million interest on the bonds, which allowed the District flexibility to provide more
improvements to its facilities than was planned in the bond.