Philadelphia International Airport Capital Program

Location Philadelphia, PA

Client City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce, Division of Aviation

Services PLA Consulting, Program Management

Project Value $3.2 billion (current contract)

Hill is currently working under its eighth multi-year contract providing program management services for Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Capital Program. The current Capital Program includes airfield, terminal, and landside access projects with total costs estimated at more than $2.4 billion. The work supports PHL’s continued growth and status as an economic generator for the region, as the airport serves more than 33 million commercial passengers annually and offers approximately 490 daily flights to more than 145 national and international non-stop destinations. Hill has continuously provided program management services to the Division of Aviation since 1989, and has also expanded to provide project delivery, controls, procurement coordination, and other services to various departments within PHL. 

Hill manages the Airport’s Capital Program with a primary emphasis on financial and project controls, which includes capital budget preparation, budget and oversight controls, public works, and other contracts. Hill also provides financial management, including grant management, that encompasses Airport Improvement Program, Transportation Security Administration, and State application preparation; reimbursement processing and reporting; and management of the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) program, including PFC application coordination and preparation, PFC collection/disbursements and tracking, and quarterly reporting to FAA. 

To implement these programs Hill developed an in-house, organically developed, end-to-end software program, Airport Program Management System (APMS). The APMS provides for effective and efficient implementation of airport business processes and expedites project delivery. Hill has also established processes and procedures for effective financial controls. These procedures are instrumental in aiding with seamless financing of contracts and bids with information from the City’s Financial Accounting Management Information System and the Advanced Purchasing Information System to Aviation’s APMS. This has allowed PHL to demonstrate clear and consistent internal controls. 

In addition, Hill coordinates and manages Aviation’s professional services task order approval process, including tracking requests and responses. Our tracking services include design page turns, bid initiation, award, and close-out procedures. Hill also initiated and implemented electronic payment approval utilizing DocuSign, resulting in reduction in payment approval time. Similarly, Hill continues to coordinate and assist PHL with consultant selection process for the professional service contracts awarded by PHL, which includes more than 40 active contracts. Hill administers the schedules for the preparation, solicitation, and vendor selection phases to procure the required services in a timely manner. Hill is also responsible for managing and coordinating the permitting process for tenant and concession construction projects.

Hill also manages and tracks City permits, insurance certificates, and tenant advisories for each project. Other special services include support for Project Labor Agreements, management reviews and audits of construction contract projected costs, and as-needed claims analyses including detailed analyses of such issues as delays, labor productivity, and damages.

In addition, Hill helps make certain PHL’s contracting policies for both operating and capital spending realize a significant proportion of vendor spending accrued to minority- and women-owned firms. Currently, 90% of PHL vendors and suppliers are located within PHL’s area of economic impact, with nearly 30% of expenditures to date with disadvantaged business enterprise firms.

“Hill International Inc. has been the Capital Program Manager at PHL for over 19 years, and we have always found them to be responsive, professional, and diligent to the assigned task.” -Edward Anastasi, Deputy Director of Finance and Administration