PGR 00036 00 N6 medium

Kastelli Airport

Location Heraklion, Greece

Client Heraklion International Airport S.A.

Services Project Management, Project Monitoring

Project Value $563 million

Hill International is providing Independent Engineering services for the development of the new Heraklion International Airport, Crete at Kastelli Pediados. Located on an approximately 1,500-acre site to the southeast of Crete’s administrative capital, Heraklion, the hub will feature a 93,000 SM LEED certified terminal, a 3.2 KM Code E runway and 8 taxiways, 12 auxiliary buildings, a 725,000 SM commercial zone, and supporting infrastructure, including a 24-km road network, as well as sewage treatment, rainwater drainage, and flood protection works for the whole Kastelli area. Once complete, the facility will replace the existing Heraklion International Airport and host an anticipated 10 million passengers in its opening year, making it the second-busiest airport in the nation.

As Independent Engineer, Hill is approving the project’s design and supervising all construction activities to help assure compliance with the Concession Agreement, Environmental Sustainability terms, and global industry best practices. Hill’s services include approval and monitoring of project’s schedule; certifying payments; advising the Greek State, concessionaire, and contractor on technical matters; monitoring adherence to safety plans and quality procedures; monitoring adherence to environmental regulations and sustainability initiatives; and monitoring activities related to archaeological findings, as the airport is being built in the cluster of Minoan settlements and areas of ritual activity around the ancient palace complex of Knossos.

Hill is also responsible for certifying the completion of the project, supervising and monitoring the airport certification process per European Union Aviation Safety Agency requirements, and monitoring the Operational Readiness and Transfer Program (ORAT) to help ensure a seamless transfer from the old airport to the new facilities.

Hill has been a key contributor to the update and approval of the airport’s Master Plan. For example, Hill has helped the team increase terminal areas by 30% compared to the initial Master Plan and incorporate design features that respond to challenges in post-pandemic aviation. In this way, Hill is driving innovation on the most modern airport under construction in the Mediterranean.