Jet Blue Terminal 3

Jet Blue Terminal

Location Queens, NY

Client OTG at JFK T5 Venture, LLC

Services Construction Management, Project Management

Project Value $35 million

This project, at JFK International Airport’s Terminal 5, encompassed the build-out of 22 food and beverage concessions throughout the terminal that serve as themed restaurants, bars, markets and kiosks. The concessions range in size from 600 SF to 4,000 SF and are scattered throughout the 635,000 SF terminal’s departure and arrivals levels.

The project scope of work also included providing 10 interactive tables throughout the terminal that allow for the ordering of food and provide convenient workstations. The base building’s core and shell infrastructure required mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades, modifications and additions in order to accommodate the unique spaces.

The project featured a number of special needs. The project owner lacked both construction knowledge and the experience in working with labor unions needed to effectively and efficiently coordinate the trades with the base building’s mandatory requirements. Hill facilitated this coordination and interpreted the requirements so the work could steadily progress without slowing progress or increasing costs.

The themed concessions included many specialty materials, which required early buy-outs and installation that were specific to manufacturer’s instructions. Hill addressed these needs by setting up virtual working sessions online between the design and construction teams to verify the crucial compliance of both material and equipment.

The project had inherently complex logistics, requirements and limitations, which necessitated detailed, hands-on management by the Hill’s CM team. The project schedule was very aggressive, access was limited, work had to be completed in secured areas, and the work had to be performed while the international airport—one of the busiest in the world—remained fully operational. Work had to proceed quickly, without impeding operations or posing safety risks to airport staff and the thousands of passengers who use the airport every day.

Hill also managed other logistical challenges, including manpower, working shifts, strict delivery requirements and schedules, stringent safety and security protocols, and the handling and installation of unusual materials and unique equipment. Hill managed and facilitated the flow of all project information and expedited the review and approvals process so that critical work progressed as quickly as possible.