Urbania Higueron West

Location Malaga, Spain

Client Urbania International

Services Project Management

Project Value €175 million

Higuerón West 217 is an urban development project consisting of 768 homes with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms. The development also includes common areas, swimming pools, expansive landscaped areas, parks, trails, a wellness area, and a coworking center. The project includes homes ranging from 88 SM to 275 SM, from ground floor apartments with large terraces to single-family homes and spacious apartments with their own private swimming pools. The development is surrounded by green areas for privacy and integration with the environment.

Hill’s team was incorporated into the project once the masterplan was approved. Hill integrated with the management team and helped to hire teams to adapt the concept to the requirements of the project. The difficult orography of the original plot was a challenge, both in positioning the houses and in the solutions designed to adjust costs to meet Urbania’s objectives. Hill worked hand in hand with Urbania in defining the product to make decisions on the most appropriate mix of homes and their typology. This collaboration with Urbania’s sales department has been maintained throughout the project so that the final product incorporates the project’s infographics and marketing.

Homes are being developed in three distinct phases, with Hill concurrently coordinating projects in design with others in the bidding or execution phases. Overall, the development is a multi-project effort where the phases of any one project coexist with work on different plots. Works are procured under a general contractor model with separate contracts for kitchens, elevators, landscaping, signage, and security installations. In addition, Hill has coordinated the building works of the project with the urbanization and landscaping works, emphasizing the coordination of the electrical and water supply installations.