Parks Projects On-Call Project Management Services

Location Citywide, New York

Client New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

Services Construction Management, Project Management

Project Value $350 million

Through a term requirements contract, Hill provides construction management services for the City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation to manage the construction or renovation of Parks projects within the five boroughs of New York City. Hill has provided continuous staffing on numerous construction improvements totaling $350 million.

Hill’s construction management services include continuous on-site supervision, maintaining accurate records, preparing detailed construction reports, ensuring adherence to contract documents, maintaining schedules, establishing lines of communication, reviewing contractor payments, preparing change orders, and addressing community outreach needs. Hill’s professional staff performs these services with a strict eye for schedule, budget, and quality control. Example projects include:

Central Forestry – Street Tree Division & Horticultural: Hill is providing the Central Forestry Division with construction management services and has managed over 160 contracts. Hill has successfully managed multiple contracts simultaneously with the Street Tree Division where a highly specialized team of field engineers manage different contractors throughout the City. This translates into 30,000 sites per year, located within one of the nation’s most populated cities. Planting a tree in a rural or suburban environment may seem simple. However, planting that same tree in a congested urban environment presents several challenges. These include construction access, seasonal restrictions, and community outreach. 

Synthetic Turf Ballfields: Hill managed more than $18 million in the transformation of multi-purpose asphalt fields into synthetic turf. The project included a new synthetic multipurpose turf field, curb, and pavement improvements along with newly added fencing, benches, a water fountain and plantings. The new synthetic turf hosts a greater range of games, including contact sports, and eliminates the use of lawn mowers and pesticides. 

Green Streets: Hill has managed more than $8 million in Green Streets construction since 2007. The Green Streets program focuses on transforming baron, dangerous traffic islands and roadsides into lush parkland that beautify roadways and add safe areas for pedestrians. Hill has managed Green Streets construction in all five boroughs and worked closely with City agencies such as the Department of Transportation. Recent project sites include Grand Central Parkway, Eastern Parkway, Kings Highway, and Harlem River Drive.

Schoolyards to Playgrounds: Through the new Schoolyards to Playgrounds division, Hill has been awarded multiple consultant supervision contracts totaling more than $9 million in construction installation costs. The renovation, beautification, and improvements to these schoolyards will enhance their accessibility and allow them to be actively used by the surrounding community during after-school and weekend hours. These playground improvements include tree and shrub bed plantings, seating areas consisting of traditional and custom benches, custom metal shade structures, game tables, color seal interpretive graphics, new athletic courts, synthetic turfs, new play equipment, spray features, and accessible drinking fountains.

Reforestation: Hill manages reforestation planting for Parks. The project scope includes planting thousands of new balled and bur-lapped and container trees in and around parks and playgrounds in all five boroughs as part of the restoration initiative of PlaNYC.

Trees and Sidewalks Program: The goal of the Trees & Sidewalks Program is to help homeowners repair sidewalks damaged by curbside trees while minimizing the impact of the sidewalk repair to trees throughout Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Hill supervises and reports on the construction process of sidewalks around mature city trees and implements the $4 million Trees & Sidewalks contracts.