Digital Realty ATH5

Digital Realty ATH-5 and HER-1 Data Centers

Location Athens and Heraklion, Greece

Client Digital Realty

Services Project Management

Project Value Confidential

Hill International was selected by global data center provider Digital Realty to support the construction of two new data centers in Greece: one in Heraklion, Crete, and one in Athens.

The Heraklion data center, named HER1, will mark the island’s first carrier-neutral facility and is expected to support growth of up to 6.5 megawatts (MW) of installed IT load. Digital Realty envisions the data center as a central point for connecting intercontinental and regional subsea cables that make landfall on several locations on the island, encompassing Chania, Tympaki, and Sitia.

The Athens data center, named ATH5, will support up to 15MW load of installed IT and will encompass a development of a 11,000 SM site. These projects will facilitate Digital Realty’s expansion in Greece and enhance its role as a connectivity hub throughout the Mediterranean.

Hill will provide Project Management Consulting Services throughout the pre-construction and construction phases of the new data centers, including construction management, project controls, and related project management services.