The mission of Hill International is to be the best professional services organization in the construction industry. We will achieve our objectives by constantly striving to attract and retain highly motivated and talented individuals that are challenged and excited by a stimulating professional environment that provides opportunity for personal growth and rewards outstanding performance. Choose a position of interest and upload your resume directly on the web site. If you have trouble uploading your resume, e-mail it directly to greggmetzinger@hillintl.com.

   Position Title   Location   Division   Date Posted 

11  Testifying Experts (AUS)   Australia, Hong Kong   Claims   08/21/2007 

12  Senior Construction Contract Consultants (AUS)   Sydney & Melbourne, Australia   Claims   08/21/2007 

13  Estimators (NJ) (NY)   Marlton, NJ   Projects   08/21/2007 

14  Project Engineers   New York   Projects   08/21/2007 

15  Senior Electrical Engineers   Doha, Qatar   Projects   08/21/2007 

16  Project Manager   Doha, Qatar   Projects   08/21/2007 

17  Construction Manager   Dubai, UAE   Projects   08/21/2007 

18  Contracts Manager   Dubai and Abu Dhabi   Projects   08/21/2007 

19  Design Manager   Dubai and Doha (Qatar).   Projects   08/21/2007 

20  Project Director   Abu Dhabi   Projects   08/21/2007