Zayed National Museum

Location Abu Dhabi, UAE

Client Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

Services Estimating & Cost Management, Project Management

Project Value $679 million

Hill is serving as project manager and cost consultant for the 95,000 SM Zayed National Museum, the preeminent national museum in the UAE, which will tell the story of the nation through the life and achievements of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, his unification of the UAE, the deep history of the region, and its cultural significance. 

The Museum is intended to be a symbol of a progressive nation showcasing the educational, environmental, and social challenges of the UAE’s past, present, and future. The Museum will also be a center of learning and discussion, as well as a popular attraction. Architecturally, the design combines a highly efficient, contemporary form with elements of traditional Emirati design and hospitality to create a museum that is sustainable and welcoming. 

The galleries are placed at the bases of five solar thermal towers. The towers heat up and act as thermal chimneys to draw cooling air currents naturally through the museum. Fresh air is captured at low level and drawn through buried ground cooling pipes and then released into the museum’s lobby. The heat at the top of the towers works to draw the air up vertically through the galleries due to the thermal stack effect. Air vents open at the top of the wing-shaped towers take advantage of the negative pressure on the lee of the wing profile to draw the hot air out.

The museum also contains a variety of performance spaces. A large auditorium, lined with Emirati textiles, provides an evocative setting for presentations and films. The lobby incorporates more informal venues for poetry readings, music, and dance. 

Hill’s construction scope of services includes fit out works, coordinated installation of FF&E and exhibition displays, and consultant management.