PRT Bus Rapid Transit 1

PRTX: The University Line

Location Pittsburgh, PA

Client Pittsburgh Regional Transit

Services Construction Management

Project Value $291 Million

To enhance Pittsburgh’s public transit infrastructure and connectivity and reduce traffic and carbon emissions by incentivizing public transit use, Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT) is undertaking the PRTX: The University Line, PRT’s first bus rapid transit project in more than 20 years. Hill is providing construction management services on a task-order basis for the project.

Funded in part by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), the $291 million University Line involves the implementation of a fast, comfortable, and cost-effective bus-based transit system via dedicated lanes and frequent operations, providing a vital east-west connection between downtown Pittsburgh, Uptown, Oakland, with service improvements extending to the city’s dense East End neighborhoods. In addition to making the city’s public transit more robust, the project will help lay the infrastructure for PRT’s expected transition to an all-electric fleet. Specific projects will include the construction of new bus stations, renovations at existing facilities, street right-of-way improvements, and more.

Hill’s first work order involves the construction management and inspection of $18 million of electrical upgrades at the agency’s East Liberty garage and at a layover area along the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. East Busway. The scope includes the installation of charging systems for electric buses and electrical and power supply upgrades. As construction manager, Hill will leverage decades of experience supporting PRT to help the team achieve PRT’s quality, schedule, and cost goals for the project.