Lynas Corporation Establishment Program

Location Various Locations, Australia

Client Lynas Corporation Ltd.

Project Value N/A

Lynas Corporation is a rare earths mining organization with operations and production plants in Western Australia and Malaysia. Hill provided independent advice on program and project management approach, principles, application, and assurance for multiple projects. Hill’s role included program, project, and sub-project identification as well as the production of a Program Management Manual.

Hill’s approach to program and project identification was based on review of Lynas Corporation’s two-year and five-year Corporate Plans. The two-year plan focused primarily on operational startup. Hill mapped the capabilities to achieve these objectives, along with the programs and projects that were needed to develop any missing capabilities. The deliverables of Hill’s work included integrated, sustainable, and documented systems and procedures to support new capabilities; trained staff to support new capabilities; continuous improvement tools; and new assets with operational readiness. 

In addition, Hill was responsible for identifying and receiving executive sign off on all programs, projects, and sub projects required to achieve operational startup; developing a preliminary schedule identifying logic, sequence, and interdependencies between programs and projects; and identifying resource requirements to deliver the program of works.