Iraq Reconstruction Program

Location Baghdad, Iraq

Client U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Transatlantic Programs Center

Services Construction Management, Facilities Management

Project Value $18.6 billion

Hill, in a tri-venture, was selected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Transatlantic Programs Center (TAC), to provide construction management and general architect-engineer services to support the reconstruction of Iraq. Hill’s services included construction management, service contract performance management, and design management.

Under the indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract, Hill supported various agencies of the U.S. government in their reconstruction efforts by monitoring and managing construction, maintaining computer systems that tracked the progress of individual projects, and trained employees of various Iraqi agencies in the use and maintenance of the country’s new infrastructure.

The reconstruction program spanned all 18 of Iraq’s governorates and encompassed 20,000 projects covering 6 market sectors, including oil and gas, electricity, public buildings and healthcare, transportation and communications, security and justice, and public works and water. The projects included the construction or rehabilitation of schools, hospitals and health care clinics, roads and bridges, airports, water and wastewater treatment plants, power plants and distribution systems, courthouses and police stations, government buildings, telephone and communications systems, landfills, and other crucial infrastructure.

Hill’s construction management services included quality assurance support, review of submittals, inspection and testing of construction materials and methods, and development of computerized systems to monitor construction costs. Hill also helped USACE prioritize the work, prepare construction schedules, verify completed work, and review and process requests for payments.

The team’s design services included the preparation of plans, specifications, design analyses, and cost estimates. Hill also prepared record drawings from as-built annotations on contract drawings received from construction contractors, and conducted engineering investigations of existing field conditions, noting and recommending solutions for potential problems where applicable.

The team also prepared detailed engineering studies before and during construction. The massive program called for the involvement of Iraqi sub-contractors and professional personnel. To help ensure that all members of the project teams were working cohesively, Hill implemented aggressive and rigorous training in project and construction management tools. Implementation of USACE project systems, including CEFMS, PROMIS, RMS, and others, was an integral part of this training.

At the peak of the program, the team consisted of 416 personnel including 75 project engineers.

“I am firmly convinced that the Stanley Baker Hill (SBH) team has been an invaluable resource to our country, to Iraq and to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during that time span that they have all worked together on the Iraq Reconstruction Program. In my opinion this feat could not have been accomplished without the outstanding dedication and commitment of the SBH team to achieving the reconstruction objectives.” -David J. Nash, Former Director, Iraq PMO