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Almaty Combined Heat and Power Plant 2

Location Almaty, Kazakhstan

Client JSC Almaty Power Plants

Services Project Management

Project Value USD 500,000,000+

Hill International is providing project management services for the modernization of the Almaty Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant.

Initially commissioned in 1980, the Almaty CHP Plant 2 is an operational 510MW coal-fired power project located in Almaty – the largest city in Kazakhstan with a population of about 2 million residents. The CHP-2 is the city’s largest local urban energy source, currently serving more than 64 percent of the population. The project will modernize the existing CHP Plant 2 to use natural gas instead of coal as a primary fuel, reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality in the city.

The project is a part of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) Green Cities Program and will reduce CO2 emissions in the city by approximately 3 million tons (a reduction of roughly 56%) and fully avoid air emissions of particulate matter and NOx from the biggest stationary source of pollution in Almaty. The project will also help to promote a transition to more sustainable energy sources overall by addressing priority environmental challenges identified in the draft Almaty Green City Action Plan.

The project will be delivered in phases with the first phase entailing the modernization of a 200 MWe unit. Construction is planned to be carried out in three stages. The entire CHP Plant 2 project with a capacity of up to 600 MW is expected to be in complete in 2026.