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Alexandroupolis Independent Natural Gas System

Location Alexandroupolis, Greece

Client Gastrade S.A.

Services Commissioning

Project Value Confidential

Hill is providing commissioning services for Gastrade S.A.’s Alexandroupolis Independent Natural Gas System project. The project comprises engineering, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance for the conversion of an existing liquified natural gas (LNG) carrier to a floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) and the construction of a mooring and pipeline system connecting the FSRU to the Greek National Natural Gas Transmission System (NNGTS). The project will create a new natural gas source for Greek and Southeastern European markets, contributing to competition, accessibility, and reduced prices for end users and bolstering Greece’s long-term energy security.

The Alexandroupolis Integrated Natural Gas System (INGS) has gained recognition as a Project of Common Interest (PCI) by the European Commission (EC), signifying its strategic significance in bolstering energy security not only for Greece but also for neighboring southeast European nations such as Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia. This recognition underscores the project’s role in diversifying gas supplies within the region, including the procurement of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from a variety of international sources like the United States, Egypt, Qatar, and Algeria. By facilitating the construction of the Alexandroupolis and Thrace LNG terminals, the project aims to enhance competition, promote the security of gas supply, optimize transmission system reliability, and foster environmental sustainability in Greece and the Balkans. Moreover, it aligns with other major gas infrastructure initiatives in the area, including the Greece-Bulgaria interconnection, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), and the Bulgaria-Serbia interconnection, thereby laying the foundation for a robust regional gas hub.

The FSRU is stationed in the Thracian Sea, approximately 17.6 km to the southwest of Alexandroupolis and approximately 5.4 nautical miles from the nearest shoreline. It will feature 4 LNG storage tanks, a total storage capacity of 153,500 cubic meters, a nominal gas send-out rate of 625,000 cubic meters per hour, and a peak gas send-out rate of up to 944,000 cubic meters per hour. This corresponds to approximately 800 million standard cubic feet per day or 8.3 billion cubic meters per year. The FSRU will include all associated pumps, piping, and regasification trains with the functionality of a combined open and closed loop intermediate fluid heating medium system. The FSRU will also include receiving facilities capable of berthing incoming LNG carriers; a boil-off gas management system; utilities and waste management systems; safety systems, including hazard detection and emergency shutdown, fire protection, and spill containment; other facilities, including a personnel transfer area; and electrical, automation, control, and communication systems. The new mooring and pipeline system will connect the FSRU to the NNGTS. The transmission pipeline has a nominal diameter of up to 30 inches and comprises a 24 KM subsea section and a 4 KM onshore section. The project is expected to conclude in 2024.

The Hill team will provide commissioning activities, including pre-commissioning, mechanical completion, commissioning, and start-up. Hill’s rigorous commissioning approach will help assure the new FSRU and pipeline function as envisioned, enabling Gastrade to begin supplying gas to Greece, the Balkans, and the rest of Southeastern Europe with more confidence.