Hill Internationals Ahmed Khashaba Helps Shape the Future of Project Management

Hill International’s Ahmed Khashaba Helps Shape the Future of Project Management

Ahmed Khashaba, PMP, OSHA, is one of Hill’s premiere Project Controls Managers in Cairo, Egypt. Ahmed holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Ain Shams University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in project management at Liverpool University. He has more than 15 years of experience in the built environment totaling nearly $10 billion in constructed value. Not only does Ahmed regularly help clients realize their project goals, he also brings his wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to his colleagues through industry conferences. But Ahmed looks to the future of project management too, regularly visiting and partnering with prestigious universities to help mold the next generation of project management professionals. His guidance has become an invaluable asset to the ever growing project horizons of Egypt and beyond. In April of 2019, Ahmed brightened the Project Managers Summit in Cairo, Egypt, with his leading presence.

“Imagine a place with 13 international experts in project, program, and portfolio management from the U.K., America, and the Middle East, each of whom manages billion dollar projects. This is the first time in Egypt that we have had this many speakers at [this] event,” explains Ahmed, about the Summit.  He continues, “We came to talk about the evolving role of program and project management in the nationwide digital transformation, how to establish a successful PMO [Project Management Office], and what is new in project management in the digital era.”

Ahmed’s session at the Summit focused on successful techniques used in risk management and the benefits that systematic risk management brings to construction projects. He also participated in a panel discussion about the project manager’s role. Ahmed noted poorly defined goals, unrealistic deadlines, and communication blocks as common obstacles to successful project management.

When speaking about challenges in his current work, Ahmed says, “Good communication can always mitigate risks, and a clear vision of project success can always keep a project on track.”

Eager to pass on these lessons learned to the next generation of project managers, Ahmed also speaks at many universities, including Cairo University and Ain Shams University. In July of 2019, he was selected by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) Africa to be a mentor for young leaders throughout the continent.

For anyone interested in the project management field, Ahmed suggests four things: “be proactive, not reactive; focus on the big picture; prioritize your responsibilities; and don’t forget that you’re dealing with people.”

Ahmed will be speaking at Egypt’s largest construction event: The Big 5 Construct Egypt on September 2-4, 2019. Click here to register for the event.