From Drawing to Building: Laura Capraro’s Career in Construction

The sense of accomplishment when a project is completed is a big driver for Laura Capraro, Hill BIM Manager in Doha, Qatar, who has more than nine years of experience in project development, design, construction, and project management.


From being “always good at drawing” and with a liking for three-dimensional modeling in AutoCAD during her free time, Capraro has earned a place for herself in the construction industry.

“At first, I was pursuing financial studies,” she says. “During that time, I started to work for a construction company on bill of quantities and cost assessments,” says Capraro. “My growing love for construction and architecture prompted me to change my career path. I then applied for a degree course in architecture at the Sapienza University in Rome, and ever since I’ve never stopped working in the construction field.”

The bricks and mortar of the construction industry came with their challenges. “As a woman it is challenging to work in the industry, and I can confirm that through my early career experience.

“However, what I’ve discovered in recent years is that it’s becoming easier to be integrated in the work environment and feel professionally respected,” she says. “As a woman in the construction industry, I am proudly contributing in an equally important way. Also, my sensibility and listening attitude helps in finding a point of connection and dealing with challenges.”

Technology and Accomplishment in the Airport Environment

Capraro is currently BIM Manager for the Hamad International Airport (HIA) Expansion Project.

“I was working for the last three years on the central concourse expansion, which includes the Orchard, in addition to the RTBF [Remote Transfer Baggage Facility]. Currently, I am working on the new expansion for two additional concourses. The scope of work requires BIM for all stages, from the tender to hand over, as well as following up with designers, contractors, and different stakeholders on behalf of the client,” she says.

Laura Capraro 2

Technology plays a significant role in her responsibilities and Capraro applies her expertise in BIM as well her coordination skills in dealing with different stakeholders and their requirements. The aim is always to make certain all parties are meeting the overall target/bigger picture and trying to fulfill all the requirements and standards of the project.

“I love this project,” Capraro says. “Being part of the HIA expansion gave me an opportunity to challenge my capability to transform the experience of passengers and give them a unique sense of perspective while they walk through the concourse—we’ve given passengers the ability to enjoy the airport itself and not experience it only as a transition space.”

Commenting on the benefits of working in the construction industry – as compared with other sectors – Capraro says it depends on the individual. She says what she finds rewarding is the “sense of accomplishment when you finish a project, and you see it in front of you. You remember all the challenging tasks, the difficulties, and the solutions. This is the best moment ever!”