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Delivering Change: Program Management at Hill International, Inc.

Hill International, Inc.’s comprehensive program management services help keep multiple, interrelated projects in sync, on-time, and within budget. We help owners, financial institutions, sureties, and others realize efficiencies, identify priorities, and reduce the uncertainty and risk in their capital programs.

Hill’s program managers assemble and lead multi-talented program teams, implement the right project delivery strategies, manage knowledge sharing through a smart use of technology, develop and control processes, and identify and resolve challenges. For clients considering implementing a holistic approach to best manage their programs, Hill has the resources, processes, and expertise to help you meet schedules, control costs, and achieve your program goals as efficiently as possible.

For any client in any market or sector, program success is characterized by solid program governance frameworks supported by policies and procedures, appropriate program management tools, and effective staffing. The program management services Hill provides include:

  • Development and implementation of the Program Management Plan.
  • Project scope, schedule, and budget validation.
  • Communications, outreach, and coordination with program stakeholders.
  • Budget and schedule control, tracking, and data analysis.
  • Development, implementation, and refinement of Program Management Information Systems.
  • Program risk management.
  • Talent development and knowledge transfer for client staff.
  • Document control and records management.
  • Grant and funding tracking.
  • Reporting to all organizational levels.

Governance with Integrity: The Advantage of Pure Program Management

While many programs fail because governance was inadequately addressed, leaving the program team unsure about decision-making routines, information management, and reporting requirements, Hill stresses the identification, implementation, and codification of governance processes and lines of communications throughout the management process.

As Hill is exclusively a program and project management firm, our teams make certain program governance is firmly established and adhered to across the entire program, without any potential conflicts. We use a special, short-term Program Initiation Team to quickly build a program foundation of processes, tools, and people while the Program Manager and the permanent program team standup, organize, and begin delivering individual projects.

Expertise and Experience Tailored to Your Market, Your Organization, and Your Culture

At Hill, we ensure programs are positioned for success by implementing an approach based on the specific goals of the organization’s program, the culture of the organization, and how to drive success across the entire suite of program assignments. The specific benefits of our program management approach include:

  • Clear identification of program goals and desired benefits.
  • Opportunities to realize administrative savings through a streamlined team.
  • An emphasis on identifying and addressing risks to the program and each project.
  • Enhanced program reporting and program information management to facilitate decision making and keep stakeholders informed.
  • Enhanced control systems and reporting to improve accountability and better manage costs.

We deliver these benefits in several ways. First, Hill commits a team of program managers, project controllers, and recognized industry subject matter experts (SME) to support the client’s program goals. Our SMEs and program management teams know first-hand the constraints, opportunities, and nuances of the industries and sectors they support, and will impart this knowledge across the entire program through formal and informal knowledge management processes and procedures. Similarly, our program and project controllers are experts in the latest technologies and tools and help to implement and deploy the right Program Management Information Systems (PMIS) to support the client’s needs.

Second, we understand our role in supporting the client’s organization, and our personnel can function either as independent program managers and support resources, or as seamless, integrated members of the client’s PM teams. Our approach delivers a comprehensive program management solution, based on the best practices and lessons learned our team brings from similar assignments.

Delivering the Infrastructure of Change

Hill is well known for successfully managing construction programs across the globe, and our teams regularly help governments, corporations, and agencies reduce the uncertainty and risk in their capital programs through our management efforts. We look forward to working with your organization how our approaches, tools, and systems can benefit your program, and drive the infrastructure of change.

Randy Richardson
Randy Richardson,PMP
Vice President and Program
Management Sector Leader
[email protected]


Hill Vice President Randall (Randy) B. Richardson, PMP, has more than 38 years of experience delivering major programs across a wide range of market sectors. Prior to joining Hill, Randy was managing ten senior program managers in the U.S., Panama, and Korea with a combined portfolio valuing more than $20 billion. His expertise includes developing programs consistent with strategic goals to solve client challenges, as well as building and leading successful program teams by combining resources and technologies with effective governance structures.