Hamad Medical City

Location Doha, Qatar

Client Qatar Ministry of Public Health

Services Project Management

Project Value $660 million

Hill managed the design and construction of Hamad Medical City in Doha, Qatar. The project entailed developing a parcel of land adjacent to the existing Hamad Medical Hospital complex into a comprehensive and expansive medical “city.” 

Hamad Medical City is the largest comprehensive medical facility in the Middle East. The hospital component includes 4 main hospitals and 3 specialized hospitals, including a 320-bed hospital for children, a 220-bed hospital for bone diseases, and a 350-bed hospital for medical rehabilitation. The complex also includes a dialysis unit, a minor surgery unit, and a 300-bed nursing home. The project nearly doubled the number of government inpatient hospital beds from 1,346 to 2,596.

Additional construction included a new Qatar Ministry of Public Health Headquarters Building, a medical laboratory, an education center, single male nurse housing, single female nurse housing, married nurses’ housing, motel facilities, 16 apartment buildings to accommodate nurses, and a social and sports club for staff that features a swimming pool, tennis courts, hair salon, gym, library, and coffee shop. 

Before being redeveloped for the medical city, the site originally had been developed as an athletes’ housing village for the 2006 Asian Games. Following the Games, the village, capable of accommodating 10,500 athletes, was refurbished and refitted for its intended medical purpose. 

Hill provided full program management services from the pre-design through post-construction phases, including crucial quantity surveying services during construction.

“This project is nearing completion in good time for the accommodation and other facilities to be fully utilized as part of this prestigious event. In order to achieve this Hill International have overcome a series of obstacles including meeting an extremely tight program, incorporating continuing design development and shortages of resources in the local market due to a booming local economy.” -Mohamed Al Mansor, Project Manager, Doha Building Affairs