Design Manager
Location: Dubai and Doha (Qatar).

Hill International is currently seeking a Design Manager in Dubai and Doha (Qatar).

The successful applicant will have over 12 years of architectural experience within the construction industry. He/She will have extensive experience in leisure resort or high rise towers and buildings. A degree in Architecture is required.

Responsibilities will include;

• Monitor the performance of the Design Consultant to ensure the Design correctness and completeness as well as compliance with the scope of work requirements.
• Maintain a record of the Design Consultant(s) submittals and control in a timely manner the submittals/correspondence received from the Design Consultant(s).
• Ensure that the Design Consultant(s) has considered the end user’s requirements as stated in the statement of requirement.
• Control and mange the Senior Discipline Engineers of the Project Management Team in respect of Design aspects.
• Evaluate and endorse the variation orders/concession request submitted by the Design Consultant(s) for Client's approval.
• Attend all meetings with Design Consultant(s), his sub-consultants and Client's Meetings.
• Review and comment on all drawings and documents submitted by the Design Consultant(s) and ensure the incorporation of all revisions on all documents.
• Assist and monitor and ensure timely submittals of all documents from the Design Consultant(s) to all government departments until obtaining the final permits necessary to proceed with the works until final completion.
• Coordinate with regional / home office for technical support required to ensure the correctness and completeness of the Design.
• Review and report to Client all Design Consultant(s) monthly reports including area of concern and recommended plans of actions.
• Review the project strategy and provide recommendation to Client.
• Lead PM Disciplines in reviewing Tender Documents for completeness prior to issuing to Bidders.
• Prepare questionnaire for pre qualification of the Construction Contractors, carry out the pre qualification and recommend a bidders list.
• Lead PM Disciplines in replying to bidders clarifications, issuing bulletins and attending technical meetings with bidders during Tender stage.
• Propose alternative materials/systems to improve the Design Operation, Future Maintenance and Construction Cost.
• All Project Documents are controlled, recorded and filed as per contact requirements.

Required Skills: Leisure resort or high rise experience
# of Openings: 2