Construction is one of the world’s most difficult and challenging endeavors, and big projects carry big risks. Even one mistake in any of the thousands of different tasks on a project can mean big problems and result in serious schedule delays and cost overruns. With the financial stakes so high, it is critical that every step of the project be managed carefully. Hill International is one of the premier firms in the world helping our clients manage their projects and programs more effectively, so that they are finished on-time, within budget and with as few claims as possible. Whether the project is a high-speed rail line or a high-rise office building, we provide our clients with a full spectrum of services, including program management, project management, construction management, project management oversight, troubled project turnaround, staff augmentation, project labor agreement consulting, and estimating and cost management services. Having participated in more than 10,000 project assignments with a total construction value in excess of $500 billion, Hill has managed all phases of the construction process, from concept through completion. Project Management Services