Construction is one of the world’s most difficult and challenging endeavors, and big projects carry big risks. Even one mistake in any of the thousands of different tasks on a project can mean big problems and result in delays and cost overruns. With the financial stakes so high, every step of the project must be managed carefully. Hill International’s sole focus is on project management, not design or contracting, so our clients can be confident our sole priority is delivering projects on-time and within budget. From concept to completion, Hill’s management services add value to your projects.

Program Management

Hill's comprehensive program management services help keep multiple, interrelated projects in sync, on-time and within budget. We help owners, financial institutions, sureties and others reduce the uncertainty and risk in their capital programs. Hill's program managers review every detail of all projects, set-up objectives, plans and priorities, manage and control the process and identify and resolve problems.

Project Management

Hill offers clients a complete solution to deliver their projects on-time and within budget. Our project managers offer not just market sector expertise, but global experience on high-profile projects. In addition, with our roots as a construction claims firm, we offer clients a unique understanding of what can go wrong on a project. We identify potential trouble spots on a project before they can develop into problems, and recommend ways to maintain schedule.

Construction Management

Successful construction management demands a detail-diligent approach, proactively managed by professionals who have the experience, skills and technical support each project demands. Hill's professionals are not only credentialed; they have seasoned, hands-on experience in the construction industry. This experience gives our project teams the practical knowledge they need to effectively manage virtually any type of capital project.

Project Management Oversight

Hill's project management oversight (PMO) teams provide timely and objective reporting, from evaluating the performance of the construction manager, designer and contractors, to monitoring schedules and analyzing costs. Teams include specialists in all phases of construction, so the myriad events that occur on a project can be assessed and evaluated in a timely way by the right expert, and benefiting clients with recommendations technically and financially sound and compliant with all funding sources.

Troubled Project Turnaround

While project management is most effective when implemented before construction begins, our PM support can also help clients regain control after problems have caused delays or overruns. To “turnaround” a project, Hill's teams design new schedules, create new plans and implement procedures to get the project back on track.

Staff Augmentation

Hill can augment a client’s construction team with expertise based upon the unique needs of each assignment. We offer professionals with flexible availability ranging from days to years. Hill's project managers, construction managers, engineers, architects, designers, schedulers, financial analysts, contract administrators and other professionals are available, at a moment's notice, to staff virtually any type of project at any phase.

PLA Consulting

Hill helps public and private organizations with complex construction projects save time and money through a type of collective bargaining agreement called a Project Labor Agreement (PLA). PLAs create efficiencies by standardizing project participant contracts. They also help avoid conflict between contractors as well as strike conditions. Hill works with all parties on the project, including owners, contractors and unions to unify their contractual relationship.


Hill's approach to commissioning starts with developing a strong understanding of the owner's requirements, the design intent, the systems installed and the project goals. Hill then develops a plan that integrates this understanding, commissioning communications, a complete outline of testing to be performed with the acceptance criteria, documentation required and a training outline. The result is systems that function as specified, from start-up to the end of their life-cycle.

Estimating and Cost Management

Hill prepares cost estimates on projects ranging from the thousands to the billions. We collect vendor quotes, local material costs and labor productivity rates from Hill’s experience and history, RS Means and Richardson estimating guides, U.S. Cost Success and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Micro Computer-Aided Cost Engineering System databases. Through this approach, our estimates are among the most accurate and detailed in the industry.

Facilities Management

For our Facilities Management (FM) assignments, we align the best model, processes and procedures with the best resource and maintenance regime to make certain facilities and equipment function correctly, efficiently and safely throughout their life cycles. Hill offers a bespoke FM solution that begins at project kick-off, connecting with clients and building relationships with installation contractors, management teams, designers and manufacturers to deliver buildings best suited to their mission.

Integrated Management System

Hill’s policy is to meet the agreed upon requirements of our clients in the most cost effective manner by providing a high standard of management, technical expertise and completion of projects within the established time, quality, cost, health and safety and environment objectives. We do this by employing professionals with drive and determination to work as a team. Clients are encouraged to review our HSE Policy Statement and Quality Management Policy